Workshop „Urban Pop-Up“ Dec. 2015
Aichi University of Fine Arts / Nagakute

Urban Pop-Up project description
project flyer

Aichi University of Fine Arts / Nagakute

Professor Satoshi Nakashima

Lecturer Clemens Metzler


Product designer Henk Kosche

The goal of the workshop is to "play" with public space between the poles of open communication on the one hand and respect to the public as well as prevention of disruption on the other hand.
In Japanese culture, consideration for others is essential and social interactions are regulated down to the last detail.




50th anniversary of Aichi University of Fine Arts


The Aichi University of Fine Arts will reach its 50 years in 2016. Since its foundation in 1966, the name and the work of this university have been well known both in the surrounding area and among circles of experts all over Japan. In order to support the celebrations and events for that unique anniversary, students enhance the presence of their university in urban space between Nagakute, Nagoya and Toyota.

With creativity and innovative ideas, the students show that advertising for their university can be fun, refreshing and clever.
However, Urban Pop-Ups should meet some requirements: They should be easy to carry and to install, be low-cost in production and finally they have to be removed from the location without any traces or damage, in order to treat public properties with respect.